Asian Ingredients

From a 250 year old organic Shoyu recipe or an earthen crock buried in the ground to make a 1000 year old recipe of 100% brown rice vinegar, we have started the quest to find the finest Asia has to offer your palette here in the west.

Asian food and Asian restaurant are everywhere. But if you want to cook it your self, the high-quality ingredients are sometime hard to find. That is especially true for Japanese ingredients, and espcially ture if you are looking for organic. But we keep trying. Look below to find our favorite Shoyu, soba noodles, bonito lakes, ketjap manis, inake udon and more. And keep you eye on this page — as we find more and more products to add to this list every day. We just found a new importer with lots of interesting stuff – so it is just a matter of time.

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Balsamic Vinegars

There’s an astounding difference between grocery store “balsamics” (6% acidity with sugar and food coloring), and balsamics that have a history of love aged in a barrel. Our selections come from family businesses where aging vinegars and preparation methods are passed from generation to generation.

Although there are many balsamic bottlers out there, we prefer to work with families and producer that we know – that way we know we are getting the real thing. We met both the La Vecchia family (from Modena) and San Giacomo (from Reggio Emilia) many years ago — and we love what they do with their products.

La Vecchia has a nice variety of balsamic of different ages from 6 years old, to 100 years old, as well as the more traditionally understood Vecchio and Extra Veccio balsamics.

San Giacomo has a wonderful condimento, as well as an apple balsamic, a saba, and red, silver and gold seal balsamics. All delicious!

So look around. With such a broad selection, if you are looking for something special for yourself or the gourmet in your life, you are likely to find something that suits your pallet and your pocketbook here.

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At over 4000 thousand years old, legumes are one of the oldest foods known to man. High in protein, calcium, and iron, and excellent addition for any pantry.

Our bean selection is always changing — depending on what is available and what we can find. Although we carry many of the standards, we tend towards the hard-to-find and more colorful dried beans — such as cannellini beans, flageolet beans, rice beans, corona beans, cranberry beans (also called berlotti beans) and scarlet runner beans. And as we find interesting new ones, we are adding more eveyday.

Check-out our recipe database to find some yummy beans recipes that are quick and healthy!

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Nut & Seed Oils

Olives usually placed a distant second, except of course on fast days, and there were many. These were the liquids used to get fat into meals during fast days when animal protein and animal fat were forbidden. In regions where flavorful seed and nut oils were prevalent, they were used, especially the oils pressed from walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds. In many cases, one or more of these oils provided people with most of their fat calories both during the cooking and drizzled at the table.

Black truffle oil, argan oil, walnut oil, bergamot oil. If it ain’t olive, it’s in here.

Rice Bran Oil – California

Cookies, Cakes & Biscuits

Danger! Your family may become dependent on the exotic, exceptional, wonderful tastes in our world-class cookies. Whether they are champagne-cork-shaped beauties (from France), or “flapjacks” dipped in chocolate (from North Dorset, England), they bring a satisfied smile to any “child,” no matter what the age.

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Toffee Waffles w/Dark Chocolate 



Anchovies .. the essential pantry item

Most of us have heard about the health benefits of Anchovies — high in EPA and DHA fatty acids. So, if you are going to eat anchovies — why no eat the best tasting, most flavorful ones you can find?

We carry anchovies packed in both salt and olive oil from Italy and Spain. The three brands we have come to rely on, based both on customer feedback, but also based on knowledge and information about how the anchovies are harvested and processed are: Recca and Scalia from Sicily, and Ortiz from Spain. Three of the best in the anchovy business.

Most of the canned anchovies are packed with the bones in and most times with the head still on. But don’t worry, the anchovies are very easy to clean. Besides, bones left in means less handling of the fish before they go into the can (so less chance to spoil), and more calcium for you. Just remember to clean them before you eat them! Enjoy!

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Recca Anchovies, Salt-Packed