In our ever-more mechanized world, it is ChefShop’s pleasure to bring you a little closer to the artisans who dedicate their lives to preserving food traditions.


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Shipping Information:

We currently have a “flat” fee for shipping ground packages up to 10 pounds for $9.99. We also have varying set fees for 3 day delivery, depending on weight and costs. This pricing is subject to change and is only a representation of offers we have. Your pricing may vary.

The semi-details on how it works: our flat fee system in many cases works on where the package is shipped to and how much it weighs. And in some cases the dollar amount of the total order also affects your shipping price.

So what does this mean? It means that if you buy a small lightweight spice, shipping won’t be a good deal, and unless you are panicked and need it for a special recipe we don’t recommend it. On the other hand if you add more items to your order it becomes a much better deal for you (and us to).

The shipping and handling charge is determined through a combination of weight, volume, our costs, and how much you spend.

Shipping time is determined by these rules. The day the box is shipped (when it leaves the warehouse, not necessarily when you place your order) is the day that determines how long it will take to get to you.

Ground takes 7 to 11 days. If shipped on Monday it will arrive the following Monday. 3 DAY AIR arrives on the fourth day. Monday shipped, arrives on Thursday. 2 DAY AIR arrives on the third day. Monday shipped, arrives on Wednesday. NEXT DAY AIR arrives on the second day. Monday shipped, arrives on Tuesday.

We do not guarantee shipping time to you. There are too many variables outside our control. This includes, but not limited too, Zeus, the shipping carrier, and incorrect ship to addresses.

How we are billed by United Parcel Service: Our pricing is based on UPS pricing system. A confusing but simple comparison of actual weight versus dimensional weight.

1) Actual weight rounded up

2) Cubic size of the box used to ship your items, divided by 166, rounded up

Whichever is larger is the “weight” we are billed for.

The UPS add ons All packages also have “additional” charges based on service type and delivery location.

Fuel surcharges are as follows and are updated monthly. Ground Through December 31, 2008: 6.75%

Air and International Through December 31, 2008: 21%


Residential surcharges are now typically $2.85 to 5.30 per package.

About our Search for the Perfect Packing Material, or . . . . Why We Use Those Awful, Annoying, Packing Peanuts

Some of you who are concerned about the environment have asked us about our practice of packing your orders with polystyrene peanuts. We’re concerned about the environment, too – so let’s talk nuts.

The good: strong for their weight; good cushioning properties; inexpensive; water resistant; good thermal blockers; and use less manufacturing energy than paper products. The ones we use are 100% recycled polystyrene. A use for all that plastic we recycle now! We also accept and recycle polystyrene peanuts from our local neighborhood.

The bad: pain, pain, pain to have around and to store; litter easily and last for decades.

Though not good for the environment if we dump them into the landfill, is the peanuts are just fine if we recycle them into another shipping box. We use recycled peanuts that we get from our customers who get lots of stuff shipped to them, and we purchase peanuts that are made from recycled bottles and carpet pads.

And . . . . those pesky peanuts don’t collapse when a box with a bottle of oil or a bottle of jam inside is dropped from the back of a truck (which, hopefully, does not happen very often…); or more often gets crushed during the rapid sorting process necessary to move your box from here to there. (Did you know that UPS moves 14.8 million packages every day?)

And the cost is best, which keeps your costs down. Lighter packages mean lower shipping costs to you – and now with our three-day anywhere for a flat fee, weight is important!

A quick response to why we don’t use: Cornstarch Peanuts – Rodents love to eat them; when they get wet they’re like little glue blobs everywhere; and they get crushed flat, never to recover, by heavy bottles of olive oil!

Air Systems – Mostly not suitable for what we ship, and the machines required are very expensive.

Shredded paper, perforated paper, crumpled paper, etc. – Manufacturing costs to the environment are very high, either in old-growth foresting or recycling.

Call for Help! Have you seen a packing material that knocked your socks off and think we could use it? Let us know, as we are always looking for the next best option!

If we like and use your idea/find, you’ll get free shipping for a year!

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